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Apply for Grants to Help Pay Energy Bills

Pepco is encouraging residential customers to apply for energy assistance and take advantage of tens of millions of dollars that are now available through the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which began accepting applications for the current program year in the District of Columbia on October 1, 2022.

LIHEAP is a federally funded program that helps limited-income households with their home energy bills. But customers should not wait for winter heating bills to arrive before applying for help – LIHEAP is a first come, first served program and is only available until money runs out.   

“As temperatures start to drop, we know energy bills will increase as we start to warm our homes and businesses,” said Morlon Bell-Izzard, senior vice president and chief customer officer for Pepco Holdings. “We understand that rising energy costs and inflation are impacting our customers and want them to know we are committed to doing all we can to manage energy prices and to helping connect them to energy assistance and the information they need to help manage their energy bills. We urge customers to take advantage of programs like LIHEAP now, before winter bills hit, and to contact us if they need help.”

LIHEAP provides grants in varying amounts (up to $1,800 in the District of Columbia and $2,213 in Maryland), with no payback required, based on a household’s income, type of fuel and type of dwelling. Homeowners, renters, roomers, and subsidized housing tenants may be eligible. Customers do not have to be behind on their bills to receive a grant. Last year, Pepco worked closely with community partners to help 31,030 customers secure $57.9 million in support that was applied directly to their energy bills. 

District of Columbia residents can review eligibility requirements and apply for assistance online though the Department of Energy and the Environment (DOEE) website or by calling 3-1-1. As a reminder, District residents who have received LIHEAP assistance in the past must recertify their need for assistance this year. Enrollment will not roll over automatically.

When applying for assistance, customers should have: 1) a government issued photo ID, 2) copies of social security cards for all household members, 3) proof of income, 4) a copy of their most recent energy bill, and 5) proof of residence (current lease or mortgage statement – MD residents only).

Other energy assistance for District residents includes:

  • The Residential Aid Discount (RAD) program provides energy assistance funding to income-qualified residential Pepco customers. RAD customers typically receive an average discount of 25 percent on their overall bill. Customers can check program eligibility and apply by visiting the DOEE’s web portal at doee.dc.gov/udp. Customers participating in RAD can also participate in the Arrearage Management Program (AMP), which provides customers the option to reduce or eliminate outstanding balances of over $300 that have been past due for 60 days or more. Customers can enroll by calling 202-496-5830 or emailing EnergyAssistanceMailbox@pepco.com.
  • Qualified District residents also can sign up for DOEE’s Solar for All program and receive up to 50 percent savings on their Pepco bill over a 15-year period. Learn more by calling 202-299-5271 or online at doee.dc.gov/solarforall.
  • Commercial Assistance Programs for District small businesses, houses of worship and nonprofits are also now available, including options such as installment plans, deposits held applications, budget billing and bill deferral. Commercial customers can sign up for these programs by emailing BCSTPEPCO@exeloncorp.com or calling 833-504-8659.

Customers can contact Pepco at 202-833-7500 to discuss payment arrangements or visit pepco.com/EnergyAssistance to learn more about energy assistance options.

In addition to payment arrangements and energy assistance support, Pepco has many programs that can help customers manage their monthly energy bill, including Budget Billing, which averages payments over a 12-month period. The company also offers energy efficiency programs and energy saving information to help customers reduce their energy usage. Information regarding these programs can be found at pepco.com/WaysToSave.

To learn more about Pepco, visit The Source,Pepco’s online newsroom. Find additional information by visiting pepco.com, on Facebook at facebook.com/PepcoConnect on Twitter at twitter.com/PepcoConnect. Pepco’s mobile app is available at pepco.com/MobileApp.


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