Why Statehood?


Why Statehood ?

Statehood is important to me,

DC Is a City and Growing up that’s all I thought it could be,

Being a city we don’t have a voice,

We are left being disappointed and don’t have a choice,

Why Statehood?

Let me show you

We pay more federal taxes then other states do,

If we become a state, things will change,

More funding, More Programs, Less Violence, Less Pain,

It’s time for the government to right this wrong,

It’s best that I educate you through this Poem,

The Cares Act $755 million that our city was denied, “ Because You aren’t a state”

They Implied.

We don’t have the same voting rights as other states do,

We don’t have a voting member of Congress, Which is a mistake too.

I hope that I can open your eyes to Statehood,

District of Columbia, The place that’s misunderstood.


Nevaeh Andrew-Boggs is the first-place winner of ACC’s East of the River Youth Voices for Statehood.  She is a Ward 7 resident and recent graduate of Dunbar High School.