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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Meet Your New Commissioner: Jeannina Williams (8E07)

Jeannina Williams (8E07) has lived in Ward 8 most of her life and has always been an advocate for her community.

She said she has noticed that Ward 8 is moving in a ‘different’ direction than in years past and wants all residents to be included in that process. Gentrification is an issue that is constantly raised by residents, and it has strengthened her resolve to work closely with DC leadership in the best interest of the neighborhood.

Williams wants to ensure that all of her constituents have a voice in their communities. Most important to Williams: she makes it her business to create a positive and safe environment for all.

Williams hopes to assist in bringing more people-oriented programs to the community such as job training, affordable housing, senior housing and dwelling programs, opportunities for community residents to engage in public safety programs, food and clothing pantries, youth-based programs for at-risk children and adolescents and supporting businesses that hire community residents.

Williams also hopes to have more constituent involvement as she takes office this year.

Learn more about ANC 8E and reach Commissioner Williams by visiting anc.dc.gov/page/advisory-neighborhood-commission-8e

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