Meet Your New Commissioner: Brittany Cummings (8E06)

Brittany Geneva Cummings (8E06). Courtesy the Commissioner

Brittany Cummings (8E06) is a community advocate who is passionate about giving back.

Since relocating to DC, Cummings has served as a board member of the Greater Washington Urban League Young Professionals. She is a member of the Community Advisory Council for A Wider Circle, an organization that is focused on bringing a family success center to Washington Highlands as a part of DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Family First initiative.

Cummings is an experienced marketing and communications professional and plans to bring her expertise to her work with the ANC to ensure better communication between the commission and Ward 8 residents. She believes that her experience and dedication to her work will allow her to serve as a meaningful advocate for her neighbors.

The new commissioner said she has learned from residents in her SMD that lack of connection is their biggest issue. Unfortunately, in an area where internet access is inconsistent, posting information online only is not enough and Cummings believes that a concerted effort needs to be made to share opportunities for education, entrepreneurship and enrichment with residents of Ward 8.

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