Meet Your New Commissioner: Shaquan Hudson (8E05)


Shaquan Hudson (8E05) has been a Ward 8 resident for eight years and is excited to provide for her neighbors as a newly elected ANC commissioner.

She is a single parent who attended the DC public schools, was a first-generation college graduate of the UDC with a degree in administration of justice. Hudson is also a member of the National Black United Front Organization and a community activist.

Hudson said she decided to campaign for a seat in the ANC because she believed that through responsible action she could provide opportunities for her community.

She was first involved with civic duties in the community in 2016 as an intern for Capitol Services Management, Inc. in Ward 8. She served as the executive assistant for Phinis Jones, the President of Capitol Services Management, Inc.

Hudson said she plans to continue to raise the bar to a standard of excellence as a newly elected commissioner.

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