Meet Your New Commissioner: Alyse Newhouse (8D06)


Alyse Newhouse (8D06) is a graduate of Howard University and resident of the Bellevue neighborhood. She has been a community advocate for over 16 years.

Her passion for the advancement of black women and girls led her to mentor countless young women in the District. She has worked to serve her community through her leadership efforts with the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Metropolitan Washington. Over the past four years, Alyse has raised more than $60,000 to support black women and girls health, economic empowerment and education.

With a focus on communities East of the River, Alyse has supported policies to enhance the DC Student Empowerment and Equity Programs with funding and resources. She has also supported legislation to improve perinatal health and address racial disparities in birth outcomes for mothers east of the river. In 2015, Alyse began working with the US Census Bureau to provide recommendations to enhance the 2020 Census.

Newhouse’s experiences have afforded her to be at the intersection of corporate and nonprofit, garnering results that matter. Newhouse wants to help provide health and safety resources and make the community aware of resources already available to Ward 8 residents. She also plans to work with District officials on street and city garbage cleanup.

Newhouse aims to support black owned and operated businesses as well as businesses that hire residents of Ward 8.

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