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Meet Your New Commissioner: Tasha Powell (8C03)

Tasha Powell (8C03) was born in Fort Worth, Texas and relocated to the District in hopes of finding connection with culture, progress and a history of strength and resolve. She said she found all ot that in her Congress Heights neighborhood.

Powell believes that the residents of her SMD want to experience what has been systematically denied to them: a beautiful neighborhood, growing opportunities and a supportive and connected community.

She believes that the community deserves a representative that puts the neighborhood first and can work with the various DC agencies to bring long-term results to improve the lives of all residents in the ANC.

Powell served eight years in the US Navy as an IT Specialist. She was inspired to run for a seat on the commission because she felt that the lack of community awareness concerning development, public safety, access to public transportation, jobs and lack of community resources was unacceptable.

Powell pledges to keep the community informed on all matters to ensure that decisions are made in the best interest of the community.

Learn more about ANC 8C at anc.dc.gov/page/advisory-neighborhood-commission-8c

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