Vigil Feb. 28 at Sousa Bridge for Angela Hill


The community will hold a vigil for Ms. Angela Hill, who died Wednesday, Feb. 17. She was 58.

Hill lived under the Sousa Bridge on Pennsylvania Avenue SE. She was a well-loved woman whose neighbors would often stop in and see her as they passed and offer her help. Hill would often refuse, the neighbors said, sometimes using sharp language that exhibited her strength of character.

“She was an honest and sincere woman,” said Buddy Harrison, a friend who would visit her to bring her gifts. “Many times she would turn down food and clothes telling people that she was ok and did not need anything at the moment.”

The vigil will take place Saturday, Feb. 28 at 4:30 p.m. at the spot where Ms. Hill lived, under the Sousa Bridge.

You can contribute to a Go Fund Me set up to help the Hill family with funeral expenses here: