Meet Your New Commissioner: Robin McKinney (8A06)

Robin McKinney. Photo: Courtesy the Commissioner

Robin McKinney (8A06) is a lifelong Washingtonian who did not grow up dreaming of being an elected official. McKinney’s goals for herself and her children were never about being successful; she simply wanted them to survive.

McKinney began to realize how much her hometown of Washington was changing, and she realized she was watching from sidelines. She said she could no longer wait for her life to change but had to be the change that her family needed.

Her journey has been full of challenges including the struggles of homelessness, but now she is comfortable in the foundation she has provided to her children as a homeowner.

McKinney dreams about the success of her family and community and emphasizes that she strives to be and represent the change she wants to see in her community and for her family. Moore invites all neighbors who live in Ward 8 to join her on this journey to keep the greatness and history of Anacostia while making a path toward a brighter future and is excited about the opportunity to utilize her vast experiences to serve her community.

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