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Adelaide, Australia – Artist Liza Merkalova worked for over a year for the exhibition Apperceptions, which was to be held at Gallery M and feature 30 of her works.

The Social Distancing Festival is an online artists’ community celebrating the work of those who no longer have a showcase.

Founded by writer Nick Green after his musical Real Life was cancelled due to the crisis, the festival is a way to share and celebrate new art work and connect with audiences and other artisits. The goal of the festival is to get that work out into the world, and ideas for projects that were caneelled still sees the light of day, Green wrote on the website. It also helps to keep the artisitc community alive.

The festival features daily live-streamed events, archived video and original content from art exhibitions in Paris to new, full -ength works. The site is regularly updated calendar is a feast for international culture lovers of all kinds. Discover new art, and art that hasn’t even happened yet!

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