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Rally to Mourn Victim of Crash at 16th & V Streets

At 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 24 community members will gather to mourn and pay respect to the life of Abdul Seck.

Deck was killed on Easter Sunday, April 21 by a driver at the intersection of 16th and V Streets SE. A witness said the driver sped through two stop signs and hit a vehicle before hitting Seck, who was waiting at the corner before crossing the street.

ANC Commissioner Dorcas Agyei (8A05) said that the intersection was known to be dangerous, which was also the site of a major accident less that a year ago, in August 2018. “This is a KNOWN dangerous intersection,” Agyei tweeted at the District Department of Transportation. “Please act NOW.”

Seck was killed two days after cycling advocate David Salovesh was himself killed by the driver of a stolen van who swerved into the oncoming lane of traffic at 12th Street and Florida Avenue NE, killing Salovesh as he cycled.

Residents expressed anger and frustration at the two deaths, calling on District government to take more action to ensure the safety of residents as they travel along roadways and sidewalks.  The District has set a goal of zero traffic-related fatalities by 2024, but many are saying that more needs to be done.

All concerned residents, pedestrians, cyclists, scooter-riders and drivers are invited. Get up to date information about the rally at the Facebook Page.

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