She’s a Gem


In this original play by Josh Wilder; Krystin, Jaleesa, and Amber form a double-dutch team in inner city Philadelphia to compete in their neighborhood pageant. If they win, they’ll receive a special prize: their futures told by Ms. Mary, the local psychic. Will they become a famous singer? A hair dresser? Or maybe a “gem,” a special leader who cares for the neighborhood? Then they meet a pregnant teen from North Philly who can jump double-dutch almost better than any of them. Just as the girls anticipate learning about their futures, they’ll learn something important about her past that affects them all. She’s a Gem is on stage at the Kennedy Center from Feb. 15 to 24. $20. Most enjoyed by age 12, up. Following all performances, special guest experts will engage audiences in a conversation that unpacks the themes presented on stage.