Barry Farm Dwellings Raze Applications Submitted

DC Housing Authority Seeks to Demolish More Than 100 Buildings

Barry Farm at Eaton Road SE in April 2017.

The DC Housing Authority (DHA) has applied to demolish more than a hundred housing units in Barry Farm Dwellings. Located within the boundaries of ANC 8C, these two-story, multi-family buildings run along the 1100 block and 1200 block of Eaton Road SE, 2600 block of Firth Sterling Avenue SE and include the 1100 and 1200 block of Sumner Road SE. They are across the street from the new Barry Farm Recreation and Aquatic Center. No buildings on Stevens Road SE were included.

Addresses slated to be razed are Eaton Road SE: 1110-1124, 1126-1136, 1138-1148, 1150-1164, 1200-1210, 1212-1222, 1224-1238, 1240-1254, 1256-1266, 1268-1282, 1286-1292, 1101-1115, 1117-1131, 1133-1147, 1201-1215,1217-1231, 1233-1243, Firth Sterling Avenue SE: 2580-2586, 2606, 2618-2624, 2626-2636, Sumner Road SE: 1100-1114, 1116-1126, 1128-1138, 1140-1154, 1200-1210, 1212-1226, 1101-1117, 1109-1119, 1121-1131, 1133-1147, 1149-1159, 1161-1175,1201-1215, 1231-1237.

The structures that were built in the early 1940s by the National Capital Housing Authority are wood frame buildings covered with stucco, according to documents submitted by the District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA). Barry Farm Dwellings (BFD) totals more than 400 housing units across 34 acres. One of the city’s larger public housing developments, it has been slated for redevelopment for more than a decade.

This past June the DC Zoning Commission granted A&R Development Corporation, Preservation of Affordable Housing, Inc. and DCHA a two-year extension on its Planned Unit Development (PUD) that increased the density on the site to accommodate a future mixed-income community of more than 1,400 units. The Zoning Commission justified its decision stating, “the existence of pending litigation rendered the Applicant unable to comply with the time limits.”

The Barry Farm Tenants and Allies Association (BFTAA) sued to block the PUD in 2015. A ruling has yet to be issued.

The next ANC 8C meeting is planned for 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 6 at the Rise Demonstration Center, 2700 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue SE.

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