The Smartest Girl in the World

Meet siblings, Leo and Lizzy! Leo sometimes gets annoyed when his little sister interrupts his studies. [L-R:Dallas Tolentino, Alina Collins Maldonado] Photo: Shea Bartlett

Studious Leo and his younger sister Lizzy couldn’t be more different. But, the two share dreams of becoming successful and making life easier for their overworked parents. When Mami and Papi forbid Leo to accept a place on his school’s TV Challenge team due to his chronic illness, Lizzy studies up to compete in his stead. But, the plan backfires when Leo feels jealous rather than grateful. Can Lizzy win the competition and regain her brother’s love? Best for ages 6, up. From Oct. 7 to 29 at Imagination Stage, 4908 Auburn Ave., Bethesda, MD.